July Fishing Report

Fishing has been great the whole month of July! Many silver sided Salmon and Steelhead are being caught! Limit catches of trout are the norm. We have been fishing off Island in 150 to 130 feet of water. Were your spoons and troll troll flashers with atomic flies have been doing of the damage.

Just look at these pictures.

Mid June Fishing Report

June so far.....

Walleye have slowed down a well as the trout....but the Bass opener was this weekend and provided us with some great action! The bass that Art Olson caught this weekend was able to place 3rd in the local Henderson Harbor derby. Most the bass have been coming on both minnows and drop shot rigs while drift fishing.

The trout and walleyes we have been catching have been coming trolling. Walleyes have been coming off in-line planner boards with deep dive Husky Jerk Stick baits, and the trout have been coming off Calf island in 140 feet of water on both Stinger spoons in the black tuxedo , and cowbells with spin and glows.

May Fishing Report

Fishing in May continues to be great with AWESOME catches of both WALLEYE and Trout. Recently a customer of mine Tom Reed was able to get into the winners circle with a 12lb 8oz WALLEYE during the Henderson Harbor derby!

Also, we teamed up Keith Davis ....some great folks from Tim Meadors Lots-A-Limits lodge to get some great Walleyes, Pike and Trout!!!

Additionally...over the Memorial Day Weekend we had some folks from Clifton Park, NY and they got into some great trout action as well as Walleye!!

April Fishing Report

We've stayed busy this spring chasing after brown trout! Seen a lot of old friends from previous seasons make there way up for the Browns! Mike McMannus, Bucky & Sandals just to name a few. Largest brown so far was a 15 lb brute!

Stinger spoons fished off larger planner boards have produced the best in 10 to 20 feet of water. Give us a call!


The salmon bite has been really tough as of late but we are still finding our fair share in the Henderson Harbor Trench and off the finger. Trout fishing has remained AWESOME. Most of the salmon have been coming on white e-chips and pro-am fly’s. When the sun gets high and it’s not too cloudy switch to chrome colors including chartreuse for you flasher fly set ups. Best depth of water has been 115 feet, 90 – 100 feet down. Good Luck.


Fishing has remained FANTASTIC this season so far as we get into the latter part of the summer and what a lot of anglers tradionaly call SALMON SEASON. We have been able to put our clients into the winners circle a couple of times this year and we are very PROUD of the fact that we do not have an EIGHT boat fleet! THIS OWNER and CAPTAIN is always hands on with my customers and giving it his all to put them on the fish and stay on the FISH.

We still have some choice dates available so please give us a call! We have been working with the fine folks at LOTS A LIMITS lodge on some of their larger groups.

Lately the fishing has been very good out in front of Calf island in 130 – 170 feet of water. There is a hard thermocline down 65 feet. Spoons in the NK 28’s have been good in the banana peel and also the Warrior spoons in the UV series has been crushing fish all season long.

MID JULY - Henderson Harbor Big Fish Shoot Out WINNERS

WINNERS in the Henderson Harbor Big Fish Shoot Out to Support Breast Cancer Research.

Fishing this weekend remained very strong…..Trout fishing has remained very solid as well as the SALMON fishing. Over the last weekend we had the Walt Cuniff Party, and the LaPlante / Radely Parties. Fishing for both groups was very good with above average brown trout and king salmon being taken off wire dipsey divers. Saturday and Sunday was the Big Shoot out in support of Breast Cancer research. We had multiple winners on the boat that day with 2nd and 3rd place trout and a 2nd place Salmon at the end of the day Saturday. Both the Salmon and the Trout held out and got both Sandy LaPlante and Jeff Radely checks at the end of the day!

Congrats to both Sandy and Jeff! AWESOME Job. BTW this is the second time this year EXCURSION CHARTERS has gotten their clients in the winner’s circle !

July Fishing... So Far

Fishing is solid everywhere in out of the Henderson Harbor area. Bass fishing remains good out around both Gallo and Stoney Islands. Bass are taking everything from soft plastics to live bait between 10-20 feet of water.

Offshore fishing still is good…SALMON started to show up about a week ago off Calf Island and Stoney Point lighthouse. Fish are in 135-155 feet of water. Look for the marks on your sonar and set up for either trout or the salmon.

Some pictures from some recent trips….

END OF JUNE - Fishing is GREAT!!

Fishing has remained good though the week with people catching bass, walleye, and trout. The bass and walleye are being caught together around both Stony and Gall Islands in 10 to 15 feet of water. The trout fishing has been best off the end of Calf Island.

A recent trip yielded a quick limit of trout, then we went bass and walleye fishing.

MID JUNE - Walleye and Bass Fishing VERY STRONG!

FIRST PLACE in the WALLEYE Division for the Henderson BASS and WALLEYE Derby.

Fishing has remained solid during then first half off June. Again as you can see from the pictures Walleyes are remaining strong…but now the bass fishing is picking up speed! This is what sets Henderson apart from any other port on Lake Ontario…DIVERSITY…we have all the trout and Salmon you can shake a stick at but also some of the best small mouth bass and TROPHY Walleye anywhere.