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June 14, 2014 - John Miller and Genesee Cream Ale

This last weekend took out long time customer John out fishing along with his Dad and a few new friends. Weather was not what the weather man predicted for the day... Cold overcast and Windy!! We made the choppy ride over to Chaumont in the AM. Caught a bunch of Bass, which we released, then also caught a beautiful Brown Trout while fishing Walleyes. Lost a brute on a worm harness. In the afternoon we switched to another spot over by "Lonely Tree", and caught some beautiful WALLEYE (10 and 11 lbs respectively), and lost another brown which broke off. AGGH!

The secret to these two beautiful Walleye...... and this is the gods honest truth we dosed the plugs with Genesee Cream Ale before putting them out on the planner boards. The fish Walleye we caught came after dosing the bomber liberally with Genesee put the bomber (plug) in the water and after being in the water only 5 minutes before FISH ON!!. Repeat for the second Walleye... same method!

Gives a whole new meaning to the great outdoors in a glass!!....or can in our case. Had a great time... lots of laughs by all! Hopefully see everyone again. THANKS!!