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August 2010

Trout fishing for Browns, Lakers and Steelhead has remained exceptional this year, especially of the lighthouse on the finger. Limit catches so far this year have been the norm….not the exception.

We recently took 4th place in the local derby the last week of July. “Bucky” won a fabulous Labatt refrigerator, and a Okuma Rod and Reel worth thousands!

Over the weekend the strong south and south / southeast winds have pushed the salmon into the trench. Yesterday (8/15/10) the trench was full of fish from the pump house all the way up to the lighthouse. Flasher flys were best trolling very slow.

Below are some of our customers with there catches. I like seeing everyone come back year after year with me, and even the new faces. It’s been a blast!!


Mid July 2010

Fishing has been very steady the last few weeks. The trout fishing remains very good! The “mature” salmon are getting hard to come by. A lot of juevinule / jacks being caught but not the nice large Kings we were catching just a few weeks ago. A lot of bait in the area I’m fishing. I just think it will be a matter of time before the big salmon find this bait and the bite will be on again!!

Most fish are coming off the lighthouse and the haystack in 150 – 110 feet of water. Spoons in both Warriors, Stingers and NK’s are all working!

Early July 2010

Had several parties over the past weekend from Modular Comfort Systems, and Dominic (Nick) Avetalla. All parties experienced some great fishing for trout and salmon. A lot of Rod action!!

You know what they say….a picture is worth a million words. And yes we are still catching steelhead as well!! Most of the action was off the wall in front of the Stoney Point lighthouse in 110 – 140 feet of water. There is a lot of bait here as well.