July 4 - 6, 2014

4th of July

Once again had the distinct pleasure of Mike McManus's company on the boat for a little bass fishing. The wind really messed up our drift, and it was out of the north west...not the best. But we did manage a few on drop shot rigs.

July 5, 2014

We went out with the Murphy Party who has fished with me before. They have roots in the eastern basin particularly Henderson, fishing with their Dad. We had a great bite going on the trout but had trouble getting the fish to the net! LOL Later that afternoon we switched gears and fished bass and the results were alot of fun by all!!

July 6, 2014

Again repeat customer...Dave Cisbelli and crew!! These guys fished with me last year and I remember having a great time with them. Especially the "boys"....The wind was blowing pretty strong when we left so we decided to stay in the trench and fish browns. Had a good bite going in the AM, but things slowed down later in the day. We were able to catch some nice browns!!

June 29, 2014 - Multi-Species Day! Trout, Bass and Walleye

First off thanks to JOE!!! GREAT GREAT guy...really enjoyed having him on the boat over this past weekend. A REAL GENTLEMAN. Saturday was a little slow for us, we had only 6 - 7 bites the whole day, and brought in 5 nice trout.

Sunday we made a move to fish more off and around Gallo and immediately got into the fish. We had a boat limit of trout by 9:30 AM. We switched gears and did a little bass fishing that I had been mentioneing to Joe the last couple of days. We all had a great time with the bass catching them on drop shot riggs and Rattle Traps. Even managed a Walleye.

June 21, 2014 - Mark Wilson Party

Its becoming an annual tradition for opening day of Bass.....I go fishing with Mark......boy did we ever clobber these bass on drop shot riggs and a few with Rattletraps. Great day with a great group of guys!!

June 14, 2014 - John Miller and Genesee Cream Ale

This last weekend took out long time customer John out fishing along with his Dad and a few new friends. Weather was not what the weather man predicted for the day... Cold overcast and Windy!! We made the choppy ride over to Chaumont in the AM. Caught a bunch of Bass, which we released, then also caught a beautiful Brown Trout while fishing Walleyes. Lost a brute on a worm harness. In the afternoon we switched to another spot over by "Lonely Tree", and caught some beautiful WALLEYE (10 and 11 lbs respectively), and lost another brown which broke off. AGGH!

The secret to these two beautiful Walleye...... and this is the gods honest truth we dosed the plugs with Genesee Cream Ale before putting them out on the planner boards. The fish Walleye we caught came after dosing the bomber liberally with Genesee put the bomber (plug) in the water and after being in the water only 5 minutes before FISH ON!!. Repeat for the second Walleye... same method!

Gives a whole new meaning to the great outdoors in a glass!!....or can in our case. Had a great time... lots of laughs by all! Hopefully see everyone again. THANKS!!

Memorial Day Weekend 2014

We had a great Memorial Day weekend for both fish and for weather.....everyone in the northeast deserved this especially after this last weekend.

Saturday we took out a group from Capt. Tim Meadors "Lots A Limits Lodge" for some fun with the Pike and Pickerel. This was a great family group, and the fishing provided a lot of action for everyone on board. This made for a great rip for kids that just want to have action and catch a lot of fish. The "Good Doctor" even caught a beautiful 15 lb northern.

Sunday I took out a group from Renzi Food Service that had a great day with the walleyes. By the third or fourth fish we were a well oiled machine.

Enjoy the pictures!

May 17 & 18, 2014

If you like the ability to catch a WIDE array of different species of fish NOW is the time!!

Walleyes, Lakers, Browns, Northern Pike and Pickerel are all biting. The take a look!!!

Worked with good friend Briggs from the MEGA BITE and we guided this great group of guys to some beautiful shallow cold water browns and lakers!!!

Bucky and Sandy had a great outing catching just about everything except the kitchen sink!! GREAT eating walleye, pike and pickerel!

May 10, 2014

We had the distinct pleasure taking out Mr. and Mrs. Swearingen this last weekend for some great Walleye fishing. Average size of these were probably 9 - 10 lb mark.

We limited out around noon. Great day...great people!! Thanks Mark and Liz!

May 9, 2014 - WOW-EYE

Fishing for walleye is as good as it gets! The best I've seen in at least the last ten years. Stick baits in shallow are getting the majority of our fish.

I still have dates available to get into some of this phenomenal action. MANY FISH OVER TEN POUNDS!

May 3 & 4, 2014

This report is long over due! We still had the boat down in Mexico, NY for the browns when we did our annual brown trout trip with Mike McMannis. Its something we look forward to every year.

We trolled down towards Nine Mile and caught a LIMIT of browns on blue tuxedos.....stingers spoons that in 10 - 15 feet of water.

Later on that night I found out it was Mikes birthday, and while Tim Forrester was cleaning the fish we had a couple of beverages. THANKS MIKE!!!

May 4, 2014 - WALLEYES

Walleye fishing has really turned on over the last few days. We are getting some nice catches between 10 and 20 feet of water on stick baits, and worm burners. Many walleye we are catching are between 6 and 10 lbs.

Contact us NOW to get in on this hot bite!