Fishing Classes

If you would rather spend the day learning the techniques used in trolling up monster Trout, Salmon and Walleye, try Captain Dave's "On the water" classrooms. You will learn the difference between stackers, sliders and cheaters. How to rig up a wire dipsey. When to use lead core vs. copper. Learn the difference between Spin Doctors, Becholds, and E-chip flashers. The focus of the day will be having the client learn as much as possible. Try a half day classroom, then apply these techniques to set up your own spread to catch fish the second half of the day off the Excursion 3. This is a very hands on experience.

Items discussed, but not limited to:

  • Dipseys
  • Thumper Rods
  • Lead Core, Copper
  • Stacker, Sliders, Cheaters
  • Releases
  • Cut Bait Rigging - Bait heads, Custom Twinkies, Flashers
  • Flasher Flies, Dodger Flies
  • Sonar Interpretation
  • Spoons
  • Speed Variations
  • Water Temperatures
  • Planers