Reports tagged “Pickerel”

WALLEYE - Week Two!

This last week we have been plying the back bays in search of Walleyes. With all the nice weather…sunny skies…calm water….and temps in the 80’s…it’s made for a tough bite honestly. But we have still been able to get a few nice trophy size Walleyes, plus some nice pike and pickerel. Trout fishing around the High Rocks has been picking up steadily as well too.

Memorial Day Weekend 2014

We had a great Memorial Day weekend for both fish and for weather.....everyone in the northeast deserved this especially after this last weekend.

Saturday we took out a group from Capt. Tim Meadors "Lots A Limits Lodge" for some fun with the Pike and Pickerel. This was a great family group, and the fishing provided a lot of action for everyone on board. This made for a great rip for kids that just want to have action and catch a lot of fish. The "Good Doctor" even caught a beautiful 15 lb northern.

Sunday I took out a group from Renzi Food Service that had a great day with the walleyes. By the third or fourth fish we were a well oiled machine.

Enjoy the pictures!

May 17 & 18, 2014

If you like the ability to catch a WIDE array of different species of fish NOW is the time!!

Walleyes, Lakers, Browns, Northern Pike and Pickerel are all biting. The take a look!!!

Worked with good friend Briggs from the MEGA BITE and we guided this great group of guys to some beautiful shallow cold water browns and lakers!!!

Bucky and Sandy had a great outing catching just about everything except the kitchen sink!! GREAT eating walleye, pike and pickerel!