August 24 - September 2, 2013 - Labor Day Week

As many people already know the last week of August prior to the Labor Day Holiday is usually a great time to fish Staging Salmon right in the "Trench". However this year has been a little "weird" with certainly fish being in the trench but not necessarily biting that well. We have been making several moves each day to try and stay on whatever active fish we can find. These areas are either the "horseshoe" off Stony Creek, the "Wall", and the "Haystack" off the lighthouse and Stony Island.

I'd like to extend a special thank you to Rob Katlin who fished with me a total of five (5) times this year. Twice in the spring for Walleyes and browns, and then three times this week for Salmon. He has certainly become a friend and pitches in rigging on the boat when things start getting busy with the fish. I had a great three (3) days with him, his son and his Dad. They stuck through some slow periods, and persisted in getting some great catches into the boat during a tough / strange bite.

Also Mike, Bucky, Whitey and Chris.....they have been fishing with me for years and there trips are always a highlight of the year. They certainly know how to have alot of fun both on and off the boat!

And also Bill Adams from Jamesville, NY.....another great group of sportsman. I am VERY BLESSED with alot of repeat customers year in and year out.

Please remember that we still have some great dates available both for September and right into October.

And now for some pics.....