August 17 & 18, 2013 - SALMON

The fish have been staging in the trench and off both the north and south dunes. Flasher flys have been work best at 2.0 - 2.3 knots. Fish have been corkscrewed to the bottom due to the warm water lately. However, some colder water has moved in making the fish a more active.

This last weekend I had the pleasure of working with Lots A Limits charters on a group from Long Island on Saturday August 17th. Made a new friend "Red" who works for AT&T, and also has a great back yard BBQ service. Had a great time with his team of guys, alot of laughs, and yes we even managed to catch a few fish as well. Took us awhile to find the fish but when we did we had alot of doubles and even a few triples. BTW....THAT'S WHY I ALWAYS suggest a FULL day case the fishing is gives us time to look and find the more active fish. We ended up limiting out on the trout within a few hours. Thanks to both Tim Meador, and Red for a great day.

Sunday (8/18/13) we took out Mike McMannis. He just wanted to focus on getting a few salmon for his son before he goes off to college this fall. Mike has been fishing with me for years and we alwaysd look forward to having him on the boat. We did manage a few salmon and a couple of browns. We marked thousands of salmon but the warm water had them lying on the bottom and not very active.