Kids Fishing Day

I recently had the pleasure of working with several local captains with the Henderson Harbor Guiding Association in donating a 4 hour trip for 35 kids from Henderson - Belleville Schools. We all had a good time. We at first tried our hand at the Bass fishing for a few hours since that has been pretty good over the last several outings. Normally we have been limiting out at the "Lonely Tree", but the morning I took the kids there we really did not have alot of hits; and we lost a real nice one at the side of the boat, so I decided to try and catch the kids some of the Browns which have been very consistent all this spring. We found the kids a few browns, then went back in around noon.

The West View Lodge cooked up the catch for the kids and we had a great Shore dinner for all the kids and the Captains that donated there time and there boats. The weather held out for us, and I even was able to teach the kids a few of the "super secret" names for some of the lures we used (Fat Nancy, Blue Tuxedo, Sunkist, Baby Shower). LOL!!