June 2, 2013

When we rounded Six Town Island on our way out to hopefully catch some browns I was really concerned that we were not going to get our day in. Skys were black, and looked like we could get some thunder and lightning at any time. The weather cleared and we had a great morning with my cousin, George "Bruz", Andrew, and Mike. Congrats to Andrew who just recently got engaged.

We set up in the same place as we were the day prior. The sonar indicated a lot of bait in the area as well as "archs" surrounding the pods of bait fish. I had a great time catching up with everyone and we managed a few browns before they decided to pack it in early and head back. BTW the fish both days were for the most part coming off the inside boards, on stingers (Vampire and UV gator) in as shallow as I could get the boards along the shore line.